Image Recognition Techniques


Zattoo is a prototype app produced by Cloudion to demonstrate the image recognition techniques. It can scan the preset Tattoo pattern and find out the hidden message.

How it Works?

It makes use of multiple image processing techniques. When the images are uploaded to the cloud server, it will first apply a color filter and filter out the unrelated background. However, there would be still some noise in it that would affect the pattern detection result. So, it will further take a few more noise reduction method to ensure only the wanted area is extracted for the next process.  After the processing area is extracted, it would be a fixed size rectangular. Then, it will make use of Perceptual Hash Algorithms to make a fingerprint of the incoming image and compare it with our database. Finally, the server will return some useful information related. This system can be used  in Marketing Events, Tattoo for Event Visitors, Products Packages, Invitation Cards and more…

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