Cloud Solution

Get Everything Connected

Cloud System

CloudionONE is a service targeted to business clients, designed to integrate all of your current or new systems to a Flat Design Control Panel. It will link up all of your current systems and allow you to control them. It can further display the data in Flat Design with Visual Graphic. It makes everything become easier to control and stay connected. The most important thing is that it is a Cloud System and it supports Mobile Device too, you can run this at anywhere on desktop, mobile phone and tablet.

We are experienced in using


Global CDN

Live Data, Load Balancer


Free Basic Penetration Test, Prevent SQL Injection


Better Way to Represent Data


Responsive Design, Support Smartphone and Tablet

We use Professional Tools

  • Bitbucket

    • Source Version Control
    • Collaboration Friendly
    • Private Repository

  • Trello

    • Online Team Collaboration
    • Notifications on Update and Changes
    • Easy Access for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

  • JIRA

    • Bitbucket and Trello Integration
    • Working Flow Planning and Tracking
    • Detail Bug Report